The BTC Trophy Show Judges 2015

The Bull Terrier Club Committee are pleased to announce the following Judges have all accepted their invitations to Judge at The Bull Terrier Club Trophy Show taking place at: The Royal Court Hotel, Tamworth Road, Keresley, Coventry, CV7 8JG on Sunday 22nd February 2015.


Regent Trophy
Mrs Carolyn Lambert (Caliber) UK
Ms Mary Remer  USA
Referee:   Mr John Woolliss (Taipan) UK
Ormandy Jug for Dogs
Mr David Jones (Nevada) SA
Mr Gordon Smith (Magor) Canada
Referee:  Mr Colin Bohler (Kingstonia) SA
Ormandy Jug for Bitches
Mr Colin Bohler (Kingstonia) SA
Mr Bill Poole (Rocky Top) USA
Referee:  Mr David Jones (Nevada) SA
Mr Chuck Wannop (Charisalee) UK
Mrs Angela Goodwin (Ounsdale) UK
Mrs Josephine Hylands (Terjos) UK
Mr Jimmy Henderson (Brobar) UK
Referee:  Mr John Woolliss (Taipan) UK

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