The Bull Terrier Club Major Trophies

The Trophy Show

For most Bull Terrier fanciers throughout the world, the highlight of the year is The Bull Terrier Club Trophy Show, where The Bull Terrier Club’s most important competitions of the year, the Major Trophies, are competed for.

The Regent Trophy
This trophy is not handed out to winners but is displayed and retained by the The Bull Terrier Club.

This event has now been in existence for well over 60 years, increasing in popularity and has in recent years become a two-day event. It is held in a centrally located Hotel, with the Trophy competitions held on one day and an open show held on the other. A banquet is held in the evening of the first day allowing the opportunity for fanciers worldwide to meet socially and discuss their favourite topic – The Bull Terrier. Judging of the Trophies is undertaken by a panel of selected judges, from throughout the world, the only criteria being that they are “the best judges available”.

Entry to the Trophies themselves is by invitation only – a team of selectors, appointed by The Bull Terrier Club Committee, scour the country in an effort to select the cream of Bull Terriers exhibited at Championship shows throughout the previous year. This means that simply to be invited is an honour in itself, confirming to the breeders and owners that they have one of the very best Bull Terriers in the country. Selecting the best animals is only half the job. The Bull Terrier Club Committee are committed to ensuring the consistency and fairness of the judging of the Major Trophies. Indeed the rules of the trophies state that the committee must select ‘The Best Judges available’. Whilst this is obviously subjective the Committee follow a number of stringent rules and guidelines to ensure that the spirit of the competition is upheld and that not only is justice done, it is seen to be done. Some of the rules and guidelines employed are as follows;

  • Selected Judges should be on the Bull Terrier Club’s Lists
  • They should not be selected to judge the competition in successive years
  • Preferably not more than one member of a family or partnership should judge or Referee at the same Trophy Show
  • A judge should not be selected if they are the owner or joint owner of any invited animal
  • The judge may not be invited if they have been a selector in that same year
  • The selected judges should preferably not have judged after the 30th September of the previous year that the trophies are held.

No member of the Bull Terrier Club Committee who owns or has bred a selected competitor are allowed to nominate a Judge or Referee for that year’s competition.

In the case of an emergency on the day, a stand in judge needs to be employed, The Officers of the committee will take into account the above guidelines

The club holds an Open show on the day prior to The Trophy Show. This show is open to all and provides an opportunity for breeders and exhibitors to show the world their stock. With the change in quarantine laws, more and more dogs from overseas are also taking the opportunity to attend this event.

The Trophies competed for are as follows:

The Regent Trophy

Considered to be the “Ultimate” prize for Bull Terriers, it was first presented to the Bull Terrier Club in 1930 by Dr. Geoffrey Vevers, a Bull Terrier breeder and curator of the Regents Park Zoo in London, from where he took the “Regent” affix and applied it to the name of all the dogs that he owned. It is a perpetual trophy and is awarded to (in the judges opinion) The Best Bull Terrier dog or bitch, first shown at a Championship Show in the United Kingdom where challenge certificates are on offer to the breed or any equivalent award that counts towards the title of ‘Champion’ in any other country,  during the previous year, which means that animals can compete only once in their life. Not less than 10 dogs are selected, of which at least 4 must be dogs and 6 must be bitches. A reserve dog and reserve bitch is also selected, in the event that any invited animals are unable to take part. The winners’ prize is a valuable and much coveted Royal Nymphenberg porcelain replica of the Trophy. Only fully paid up members of The Bull Terrier Club will be eligible to receive the Royal Nymphenberg Trophy to keep.



Regent Trophy Replica
The winner is presented with a Royal Nymphenburg Porcelain replica of The Regent Trophy as a permanent memento.


The Coverwood Casket



This is presented to the runner-up to the winner of the Regent Trophy.

Golden State Trophy

This was presented to The Bull Terrier Club by the Golden State Bull Terrier Club, (California USA) and is awarded to the Best Opposite Sex to the winner of The Regent Trophy. This may, or may not, also be the runner up.

The Ormandy Jugs





Ormandy Jug Gifts

First presented in 1936 by Raymond H.Oppenheimer, a doyen of the Bull Terrier breed, holder of the ‘Ormandy’ affix and the most successful Bull Terrier Kennel of all time. He presented the Jugs, one for dogs and one for bitches, to accompany the Regent Trophy, as he was keen to see dogs and bitches compete in their own competition. He also wanted to afford dogs that matured later in life an opportunity to compete in an annual event, and not be restricted by the rules of The Regent Trophy that limited it to animals who were ‘first’ shown that previous year. This means that a dog can appear in the Jugs more than once, though it is unusual and it has not been common practice for an animal to be invited more than twice. Mr Oppenheimer was insistent that The Ormandy Jugs should not eclipse the Regent Trophy, and drew up a strict set of Rules that cannot be easily changed.The winner of each Jug is presented with an engraved Crystal Goblet, a certificate and plaque, and every competitor whether successful or not receives a permanent memento of the day. 10 Bitches and 8 Dogs are invited plus a first and Second reserve of each sex.

The Sandawana Trophy

A perpetual Trophy, restricted to Coloured (not white) Bull Terriers. First awarded in the early 70’s it was presented by David Harrison and Wally Baron, Bull Terrier enthusiast from the then British Colony of Rhodesia. It is awarded to the Best Coloured Bull Terrier, dog or Bitch, exhibited at Championship shows during the previous year. A minimum of 10 and maximum of 16 animals are invited, of which at least 4 must be dogs and 4must be bitches and no animal may compete more than twice. The trophy is awarded to the winner and is held for one year.

The Blazeaway of Lenster Memorial Shield

This Trophy is awarded to the Best of Opposite sex to the winner of the Sandawana Trophy and was first presented to the Bull Terrier Club by Mrs Mudge Mankin, a leading breeder, in memory of her young red dog Ch. Blazeaway of Lenster who died tragically young of a brain tumour aged just 2 years 4 months.The original shield went missing in 1998, and a new shield commissioned which includes a wooden Bull Terrier head, carved by Bert Crowland, as was the original.

The Charlie Girl Cup for Movement

Awarded to the Bull Terrier, considered by the judges to be the Best Mover in the Major Trophy Competition. This is traditionally the final trophy of the day and is competed for by competitors, which are sent forward from each of the previous trophy competitions.A number of other Trophies are awarded on the day, these include, The Americas Cup for the Breeder of the Regent Trophy Winner, The Austrian Plate, awarded to the most successful Kennel competing in the Major Trophies, and the Gardenia plate, awarded to the sire of the Regent Trophy winner.

The International Trophy

This Trophy is confined to animals bred outside the UK and the Republic of Ireland. A BOS to the competition will be engaged at the same time. This Trophy is competed for on Sunday “Trophy Day”, before The Sandawana Trophy, The Ormandy Jugs and The Regent Trophy judging

All Countries with a National Bull Terrier Club are invited to send a dog and bitch to compete for the Trophy. All financial and other considerations are the responsibility of that Country. The criteria and method used to choose their animals shall be arrived at by their own committees, with approval, if required of their own respective Kennel Clubs.

The Bull Terrier Club reserves the right to appoint the Judge/Judges for this competition.

The Bull Terrier Club reserves the right to change, alter or in any fundamental way, vary any aspect of this competition as may from time to time be required.

The Dog and Bitch selected to represent a country must be born in that country.

In countries where there is more than one breed club, each breed club can send 2 entrants as detailed above to compete in the International Trophy.

Dogs/Bitches entered for The International Trophy will not need an ATC number from the Kennel Club but if they wish to compete on Saturday in the Open Show they will need an ATC number from the UK Kennel Club.

Previous Winners of The International Trophy are not eligible to compete

The Bricktops Competition Rules





The Bull Terrier Club’s Interclub Competition

To promote Club Spirit, Friendship and to have fun.




Following consultation with the Provincial Bull Terrier Club’s, The Bull Terrier Club has instituted a competition to be known as the Bricktops Competition, which shall be held annually commencing at The Bull Terrier Club Summer Show in 1980.


The object of the Bricktops Competition shall be:

“To assist promotion of the highest levels of competition at the Shows of The Provincial Bull Terrier Clubs and at the same time to encourage the Novice Owner”.


  1. The Competition shall be between teams selected by the Regional Bull Terrier Clubs.
  2. The Hosting of the Annual Bricktops Trophy Competition shall be by invitation of The Bull Terrier Club.
  3. There will be a perpetual team trophy awarded to the Club winning most points in the competition. The name of the winning Club shall be engraved at the expense of The Bull Terrier Club.
  4. Each member of the winning team shall receive an engraved shield and each winner of the four classes will received a Rosette.
  5. The Competition shall comprise of the following:

a) Best Dog Under 2 Years               c) Best Dog Over 2 Years

b) Best Bitch Under 2 Years             d) Best Bitch Over 2 Years

6.  The Perpetual Cup will be awarded to the Winner in each category.

The Bull Terrier Club will provided a Team Trophy to be presented to the Team Manager of the Winning Club.



Cup Winners          4 Points

2nd                           3 Points

3rd                            2 Points

4th                             1 Point

  1. In the event of two teams drawing for 1st Place with an equal number of Points, the relevant teams to be judged as a group by both Judges and if necessary the referee.


There shall be two Judges and a referee selected by the Host Club from The Bull Terrier Club’s Championship Show Judging List. (The Judge of the day may not be offered this appointment except as Referee).


  1. The Club entries shall consist of 4 Bull Terriers
    One Dog and One Bitch for each category.
  2. Every Club must enter all categories.
    The Clubs participating can nominate reserve dogs and bitches should one of the representative dogs or bitches fail to attend, substitutes may be nominated BEFORE judging starts, subject to The Bull Terrier qualifying as below. In an emergency replacement on the day by any member’s dog entered at the show and eligible can be substituted.
  3. Each Club shall select it’s team by any means.
    Exhibits must be either under or over 2 years of age (four weeks prior to the closing date of the Show).
    Owners must be members of the Club they represent and may only represent one Club. Partners must compete for the same team.
  4. Exhibits must have competed at a Club Show for the Team that it represents in the preceding twelve months.
  5. CC and Reserve CC winners as at 4(four) weeks prior to the closing date of the Show are not eligible to compete.
  6. Club Officials who are not allowed to exhibit at their shows automatically are eligible to exhibit in the Bricktops Competition for their Club Team.
  7. All exhibits must be entered in the Classes or Not for Competition at The Bull Terrier Club Open Show where the Bricktops is being held.
  8. Each Team shall be identified by Club Colours, the Rosettes will be supplied by The Bull Terrier Club.
  9. Each Team shall have a Manager to liaise at the Show with Club Officials.
  10. Names of Competitors must be sent by the Hon. Secretary of the Club’s competing to the Hon. Show Manager 7 (Seven) days before the closing date of entry.



Teams should first parade through the hall with their colours. Then the Under 2 years come in and stand in catalogue order, team mates opposite each other.

One Judge Judges the Dogs and One Judge Judges the Bitches, handle each and then move Dogs first and then the Bitches.

The placing will be 1 2 3 4 brought into centre of the ring, Dogs and Bitches.

There should be a Competitor Form with Club Names and Colours so onlookers can score points.

The Process is then repeated for Dogs and Bitches over 2 Years

When Judging is finished teams will parade in order of placing for onlookers to show appreciation by applause.