Although the majority of respected Breeders of Bull Terriers do so as a hobby, they take their role seriously and agree to take responsibility of dogs that they breed, throughout the life of the animal. However it is an unfortunate fact that many Bull Terriers are bred under less than ideal circumstances and some may fall upon hard times at some point during their lives.

A scheme to rescue unwanted Bull Terriers, or those in distress, or which needed a new home, was founded over Forty years ago. It was one of the first schemes of its kind in the world, and this awesome responsibility was almost immediately accepted by The Bull Terrier Club as their own Welfare scheme. Many years later this became a registered charity under its present title The Bull Terrier Club (UK) Welfare Trust.

It is self-explanatory that its purpose is to rescue and rehouse unwanted Bull Terriers, but perhaps not so obvious is that its mandate includes advising and educating owners and prospective owners of the Breed. This does not mean that the Trust will pay any owner expenses however deserving their reasons may be and, even if this were desirable, there would not be sufficient funding for this. However it does mean that there is usually someone, with experience of the breed, on hand in an emergency, or if advice or help is required.

So how is the Trust funded? Much of the income is raised as donations from members of the club, or those who adopt the animals passing through the scheme; The Bull Terrier Club contribute each year, and The Welfare Scheme is fortunate that other Bull Terrier Clubs throughout the country also play their part making donations. Often this is the result of raffles, stall receipts, or auctions, held at the club shows, or in some cases by special events held to raise money for the Trust. And of course private donations are always welcomed!

However, even this is not sufficient to meet the ever-increasing expense of maintaining the Trust, and three years ago a support group known as Friends of Bull Terrier Welfare was founded and raises a considerable sum towards the Trust’s expenses.

Who runs the Trust? It is run independently of The Bull Terrier Club, by carefully chosen Trustees appointed by them. Decisions of whatever nature are made by this board under the Charity Commissioners rules and all funding received is held within the Trust’s bank account to be used only for the benefit of Bull Terriers. Only specified Trustee signatures can draw these funds and any expenses and payments must be carefully accounted for. Accounts are supplied annually to all members of the Bull Terrier Club, and these must be passed at the Trust’s AGM, and also by the Charity Commissioners.

So what does the Bull Terrier Club get out of it? Certainly nothing financially, but there is the satisfaction of a job well done in helping the unfortunate creatures that are perhaps not as fortunate as our own dogs. The committee get a lot of extra work of course, and the club, who meet a large proportion of the Trust’s costs, a lot of extra expense. If it ever occurred that the Trust became insolvent it is the Club who accept the responsibility for any liabilities that the Trust may not be able to meet.

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