Notice to members of Bull Terrier Club

The Bull Terrier Club has been monitored by the Kennel Club Board in recent months due to events at and in the aftermath of the November 2021 AGM. Currently the rules of the club as worded cannot resolve with sufficient certainty some issues which are causing confusion and dispute.  At its meeting on 5 April 2022, the Kennel Club Board reviewed the club’s status and asked the committee to agree to some conditions to help reset and enable the stabilisation of the club, or otherwise the Board would be obliged to consider possible sanctions under Kennel Club Regulations.

The conditions are intended to give the membership confidence in its managing committee and to that end the members are to be offered the opportunity to nominate and vote for the honorary officers and one committee position, all for a one year term, until the 2023 AGM.

The club committee has agreed the following conditions:

  • The AGM scheduled for 30 April 2022 is deferred;
  • The open show licence [29 May 2022] is withdrawn;
  • A ballot for the sole purpose of the membership appointing its president,  honorary secretary, honorary treasurer, honorary show manager, honorary editor and one committee position to fill the committee position vacated by Mr Walker, all to serve until 2023 AGM, independently managed by the Kennel Club.

Members are hereby notified that the AGM scheduled for 30 April 2022 is deferred pending the outcome of the above ballot and the open show scheduled for 29 May 2022 is cancelled. Members will shortly receive a communication from MiVoice inviting nominations for the above. Members are reminded that they must be fully paid up in order to take part in this process – the club is individually contacting members who have not paid the full amount.

Updates to follow.

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