The Bull Terrier Club Committee have decided to schedule ‘Special Award Classes’ at their October Show.
The three classes will take place during the lunch break of the main show and are designed to give Judges from the Club’s ‘B’ and ‘C’ list an opportunity to gain valuable judging experience, whilst increasing the number of dogs and classes judged.
If required a Judge may ask for a mentor to give them feedback and guidance after their judging.
Winners for the ‘Special Award Classes’ would not be eligible to compete for Best in Show.
It is hoped that exhibitors will support the progression of the Judges by possibly entering their youngsters for a ring craft opportunity or giving one of their ‘oldies’ a day out at a show once more.
It is only by giving our support that we will benefit by helping the Judges of the future.
Anyone wishing to submit their CV’s (at any level) to the Club are reminded that the Judges list is finalised in November each year. CV’s can be sent to the Hon. Secretary at any time either by email ([email protected]) or by post.
There is a form available to complete under the heading Judges List…subheading Judges CV.
CV’s should be with the Hon. Secretary before the end of October.