Critique for 1.Oct.22 Open Show

🏆The Bull Terrier Club Open show – 1st October 2022 🏆

🏆 Annabelle Twyman (Laronbelle) – Judges Critiques 🏆


I would like to thank the Bull Terrier Club for my invitation to judge their Open Show. Also my thanks to my stewards on the day who helped keep everything running smoothy. I would also like to thank all the exhibitors who entered. Some quality dogs and bitches that I am looking forward to following over the coming months.

Junior Dog.
1st – Blazinbullys Ace of Spades at Lydsyll (Mr Leesleys), masculine 13-month-old white dog with black brindle eye and ear markings. Well filled head with depth. Correct mouth ear well placed with keen expression. Strong neck leading to straight front and tidy feet. Enough bone for size. In beautiful condition and moved well both ways holding his topline. Definitely a dog to watch for the future. RBD RBIS
2nd – Jasna Dirty Dealer (Mr and Mrs Scott), 17 month old Red and White dog. long head with width and profile but would like a little more fill. Correct mouth. In firm condition. Moved ok but a little close behind. Not quite the maturity of 1st. Shown and handled well.
3rd – Blazinbullys White Warrior (Mr Hird), 13 month old white dog with black brindle ear marking. Plenty of width to his head but could do with more profile. Straight front but slightly short in upper arm. Short backed, moved OK when settled.
Res– Clansman Fire starter (Mr Demmon) .

Post Graduate Dog

1st – Gorbain Gunning for trouble at Luapener (Mr Rene), white dog with red ear marking, mature male. Head is wide with depth and finish. Correct mouth, keen expression, and well-placed ears. Straight front with plenty of bone, short backed. Moved well both ways. Carrying just a little extra weight today.

Limit Dog

1st – Rasels Bull Juggernaut CV (IMP SVK) (Mr Keating),Mature Tri coloured dog with a powerful filled head with profile and depth of muzzle. Ears well place with a keen expression. Mouth is under but canines correct. Good shoulder and straight front with tidy feet. Plenty of bone. Good rear angulation giving him drive on the move. He moved well both ways while holding his topline. Shown in beautiful condition. Handled well with a lovely temperament. BD BIS

2nd –Treszia Espionage (Ms Sinclair), Upstanding white male with red ear marking. Head has width and depth but could do with more fill, good expression with well-placed ears. Short backed and well angulated rear. In firm condition moving well both ways once settled as he was clearly enjoying his time in the ring.
3rd- Ragnarok One Step Beyond (Mr Wilson), Upstanding white male, long head but could do with more width and fill. Good mouth keen expression and ears well placed. Well laid shoulders straight front moved ok but slightly close behind. Very well presented.

Open Dog

1st – Ms Sinclair’s – Treszia Trickstar Upstanding red and white dog with a long well turned head. Could do with more width and fill. Good mouth and ears well placed. Beautiful tight feet, short back, Well angulated rear and moved well both ways with drive. Well presented.

Veteran Dog

1st – Ukusa Anarchist at Jasna ( Mr and Mrs Gibbs), 7 year old red and white male, long head, would like more fill, mouth just off. Straight front with tidy feet, good rear angulation ,moved OK, Well presented.

Junior Bitch

1st – Blazinbullys Red Devil ( Mr and Mrs Mathison) Feminine 13 month old red and white bitch, Long well filled head, keen eye with well placed ears and correct mouth. Lovely reach of neck, good shoulders, straight front and tidy feet.Moved well both ways holding her topline. Another to watch in the future, BB BOS.
2nd – Astasia Shiro Ojo ( Mr, Mrs and Miss Walker and Jennings) 14 month old feminine white bitch, different type to 1. Powerful head with fill, profile and finish. Would like a better lay of shoulder. straight front with tidy feet, short backed, well angulated rear. Moved well both ways and well presented.
3rd – Clansman Flame of Glory ( Mr Campbell) Red and white bitch with long elegant head but would like a little more fill, nice eye and ears , correct mouth, Well made throughout, moved well both ways once settled.
Res – Tewkabull Perfect Storm (Mr Tewkesbury)
VHC- Quentinhill Mesmereyesing ( Mr Benitez)

Post Graduate Bitch
1st- Miandale Ice Queen ( Mr and Mrs Dodd) Feminine white bitch with red ear marking, well filled head with gentle profile. Correct mouth and keen expression. Well placed ears when used. Well made throughout, Moved well but slightly close behind while holding top line. Well presented. RBB
2nd- Last Chance for Magic ( Mr Galloway) Upstanding red and white bitch with long filled head but not quite the profile of 1 Correct mouth and good expression. Short backed, Well made throughout Moved well both ways.
3rd- Rasels Bull Wonderwall (IMP SVK) (Mr Keating) Tri bitch with short well turned head, ears set could be better, straight front and tidy feet would like a better lay back of shoulder, short backed, moved well with drive.
Res- Treszia Devils Quilla (Mr and Ms Kittle and Longhurst)

Limit Bitch
1st – Lovely Doris at Blaisers (Mr and Mrs Dorrington) mature Brindle and white bitch, good bone and substance, gentle profile with width and depth.
Good shoulder and straight front with a nice depth of chest. Short backed, Well angulated rear, moved well both ways. Shown well in lovely condition.

2nd- Cywbullys Heart and Soul – ( Mrs Beckinsale) Brindle and white bitch with short powerful head. Beautiful expression ears well set, shoulders could be better, short backed, moved well once settled. Did make her handler work.
3rd Cigano Little Miss Thunder ( Mr Tewkesbury) Feminine tri bitch, nice profile but lacks a little width, correct mouth and well placed ears. Straight front slightly long cast. Moved well both ways with drive. Handled well.

Open Bitch

1st Miandale Queen of Hearts ( Me and Mrs Dodd) Upstanding white bitch with red ear and eye markings, Long elegant well filled head with keen eye and small well placed ears when used. Mouth OK . Good shoulder placement and straight front with cat like feet. Well presented and handled.
2nd Extravaganza Mithgard (IMP SVK) ( Mr and Mrs Goodwin) Substantial white bitch with a powerful well filled head, Beautiful expression, mouth OK well placed ears. Straight front but feet a little untidy. Short backed Moved well both ways once she settled.

Veteran Bitch

1st – Brutal Bull Magie (IMP ESP) ( Mr Benitez) 8 year old compact white bitch with black brindle ear markings, feminine head but would like more fill, correct mouth, ear placement Ok, Straight front but feet a little untidy. Moved well both ways and clearly was enjoying her day. Well handled. BVI

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