Biographies of The Bull Terrier Club Trophy Weekend Open Show Judges



Biographies of

The Bull Terrier Club Trophy Weekend

Open Show Judges

24th February 2018


Mr William Lambert (Caliber)

Mr William Lambert

I was somewhat “born” into Bull Terriers as my family owned Bull Terriers from the “Romany” and “Agates” kennels in the 50’s and 60’s and I grew up with a Bull Terrier at my side. So shortly after getting married in 1978 to my wife Carolyn, when we decided to get a dog and the choice of breed was not up for discussion; it just had to be a Bull Terrier.

Our first dog was a red male, Oldscriven Polar Ranger, and whilst not really of show quality we were encouraged by his breeders to show him and soon got bitten by the “show bug”. A year later we bought our foundation bitch – Jobrulu Zizania (U.S. Ch. Jobrulu Moss Campion x Ch. Jobrulu Xhibitionist) from which all the “Caliber” Bull Terriers descend.

Although we did not breed a lot, we owned/bred 8 Champions between 1990 and 2010; Admiration of Caliber, Caliber Cabin Class, Caliber Cabin Wench, Caliber Adorable, Swagons Roll of Caliber, Swagony Aunt of Caliber, and Caliber Saranova and our dogs were extremely competitive winning between them 2 Regent Trophies, 2 Ormandy Jugs, 3 Charlie Girl Cup, the Sandawana Trophy, and have won Best of Breed at Crufts on 3 occasions. I also imported the first American Bred Bull Terrier to win his title in the UK Ch. Corsaire Chrome Hoss O’Tearock which I owned in partnership with his breeder Victoria Corse.

We bred our last litter of Bull Terriers around 10 years ago and more recently we have turned our attention towards Miniatures which in some ways are more suitable to our current lifestyle

I started judging in 1982 and first awarded CC’s in 1990. I have been honoured to have been invited to judge the Major Trophies in the UK on a number of occasions and have also judged the breed at Crufts as well as at a high level in many countries throughout the world.

I have served on a number of committees, including as vice-chairman of the Bull Terrier club and I also wrote a weekly column in the Dog World newspaper for a number of years.

I feel very privileged to have been lucky enough to turn my passion for dogs into a career and around 12 years ago I started working for the Kennel Club; originally as a Kennel Assessor for the Assured Breeder Scheme, but for the past 8 Years as

Health and Breeder Services Manager, a demanding role which has meant I have had to curtail my breeding activities somewhat. I am an official spokesman for the Kennel Club and appear in the media and TV from time to time representing the world of dogs. My working life has provided me a great the opportunity to become involved in all breeds and gain a much wider perspective on the whole world of dogs and the role that they play in society.



Mr John Young (Bullyview)

Mr John Young

I came into the bull terrier breed in 1981. I started showing my bitch at exempt shows and because we did quite well, I enjoyed it and started becoming interested in showing.

A couple years later, we went to the Ormandy kennels and used Ch Recoco Ringleader of Ormandy to produce my first litter. From there, we had some success in the show ring, but it wasn’t until we met Audrey Edmunds from Ghabar kennels and started using her stud dogs that we really took off. We got our first UK Champion from a Ch Ghabar Crusader daughter mated to Ch Ghabar The Admiral – Ch Bullyview Gentle Breeze. That’s where our success started.


Among our accomplishments in dogs, we have owned and/or bred 20 UK champions (including 1 miniature bull terrier and 1 Stafford bull terrier), 2 Ormandy Jug winners and a runner-up, 2 Regent Trophy winners and 2 runner-ups, and 2 Sandawana winners. We have won Best of Breed at Crufts with a bull terrier, a mini bull and a Stafford. Our dog Ch Bullbrit Little Big Horn at Bullyview broke the breed record holder with 19 CCs.


We really enjoy the minis as well, winning 5 CCs and BOB at Crufts with our bitch Ch Badlesmere Burnt Fingers at Bullyview in 1996. We were disheartened by the breed because of PLL and due to the improvements in health testing through DNA, it has renewed our interest. Through the DNA testing, it keeps animals from unnecessarily suffering.


We love the breed and showing. We still love the excitement of winning and the buzz of being at a show. Through the dogs we have met some wonderful people and made some life long friends, as well as been lucky enough to judge all around the world. All of this has been possible due to our love of the breed.

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