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2022 Trophy Show Hotel Link

The Bull Terrier Club are delighted to confirm to you that your Bull Terrier Club Trophy Show will be held on 18th and 19th February 2023 at The Royal Court Hotel, CV7 8JG.

It’s going to be one show stopper of a weekend and we can’t wait to see you all there!
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You can book your accommodation at the hotel via the following link!

Kennel Club Statement

The Kennel Club have requested that we provide the following statement to the membership for clarification of the recent events. Β We are pleased that the membership confirmed all of the changes that had already occurred at the November 2021 AGM. Your committee looks forward to continuing to serve you and working together with a spirit of moving forward in a positive way.

Andrea Gates, Hon. Club Secretary


Statement by the Kennel Club on Bull Terrier Club ballot result

As a result of the recent ballot, the following have been elected to serve until the 2023 AGM:

President: ​​​Linda McGregor

Honorary Secretary​​: Andrea Gates

Honorary Treasurer​​: Anna Blair

Honorary Show Manager​: Steve Walker

Honorary Editor​​​: Rita Sinclair

Committee member​​: Mark Phillips

The Kennel Club commissioned the ballot for honorary officer positions and one committee position. This was as a result of the situation arising from the 2021 AGM, whereby the rules of the club did not allow for any other logical solution.

The ballot was facilitated by Mi-Voice and we have every confidence in the processes used.

It is the task of the committee to work cohesively in the interests of the club and the breed. Its priority now is to organise the delayed 2022 AGM. The agenda will need to include proposed changes to the constitution of the club so as to allow members to select honorary officers going forward.

The club needs to move forward from this point and accordingly we will not enter into further debate over the ballot or events leading up to it. We do not expect to adjudicate or engage at the level required in recent months. The Bull Terrier Club now has to rebuild and restore stability and confidence.

The Bull Terrier Club remains under scrutiny and a report will be made to the meeting of the Kennel Club Board on 13 September 2022.

Kennel Club Secretary


Voting results

The Kennel Club has advised the Club and running candidates of the results of the Bull Terrier Club ballot that was run by the independent company, MiVoice. They have asked us not to share the results until they provide us with a statement. We are hopeful that will be very soon as we know the membership would like to know the results ASAP.

Andrea Gates

Hon. Club Secretary

Voting update

As previously announced, the Kennel Club has organised a vote for officers and one general committee position through an independent company called MiVoice. Despite the emails appearing to come from us, the Bull Terrier Club is not running the system and have no influence over it. We are here to help direct any queries to the right direction and are very hopeful this is an impartial process. That being said, the voting has opened, please cast your vote. We are working for you and it is important that you have a voice.

Andrea Gates, Acting Secretary

Officer and Committee Elections 2022 β€Œβ€ŒVoting is open

Voting is now open for the Bull Terrier Club Officer and Committee Elections 2022. Β If MiVoice has an email for you, you should have already received the email today. Β You will be supplied a unique voting code that can only be used once by the named person. If you haven’t received an email,Β message [email protected] for your voting codes. Alternatively, your codes will be sent out later this week via the post.

Please note that these voter codes are unique to you, so please do not forward your email on to anyone else.

β€ŒVoting closes at 5pm on Tuesday 19th July 2022.Β 

β€ŒIf you require any technical assistance, please contact Mi-Voice, the organisation supporting the voting process, on:

E:Β [email protected]

T: +44 (0)23 8076 3987

We look forward to your continued support!

Andrea Gates, Acting Secretary